Download Face in Hole style transparent PNG templates, magazine covers and hundreds of frames to use on any project.


If you are looking for more templates, including Face in Hole, Fake Magazine Covers and various other frames, templates and effects, we recommend the download at Image Edit Online.

The collection includes:

  • 514 Realistic frames of all types.
  • 55 People “Face in Hole” style frames.
  • 184 Magazine cover templates.
  • 60 Realistic horror sticker effects.

Over 800 templates and frames in high quality transparent PNG format to use with any online or offline editor, such as Photoshop. Image Edit Online also has a fantastic image editor that includes the entire collection plus over 1000 more effects, stickers, templates and frames. You can test the collection before downloading.

If you enjoy photo manipulation or creating amazing effects with photos, you will have hours upon hours of fun using the collection and image editor.

Visit Image Edit Online here for more details about the collection and download.